dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Black Tree Designs Giant

This model is old, as it even hails from the "everything is solid metal" period of figures.

I picked it up 7 or 8 years ago when there was a sale at the BTD site (still often is as they cycle through their ranges with discounts) for a few pounds, and finally got round to painting it.

Now, it can`t really be used in AoS as it is quite tiny compared to current days Giants out there, but the cyclopean, furry fiend will be included in my Slaaneshi host as a Spawn instead.  If you look at the picture here next to some daemonettes, he is about the right size to serve in that capacity.

For his skin I went the same route as with the daemonettes, while the fur is pink covered with Purple ink and then a mild drybrush over it. 

Details where added like the scales covering his naked flesh, and warty pieces are added all over his arms and shoulders and picked out in Emperor's Children pink.

And being solid metal, if everything goes south, I can still probably KO my opponent with this beast...

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