zondag 8 oktober 2017

The Haul Report 102

Well, I`m still keeping the promise to myself, and no further miniatures have been ordered this week as I still await my last incoming parcel.

On the other hand, something very special arrived by mail, a game the GF saw on Soda Pop and looked fun for a party game.

Drunk Quest is a sort of munchkin-style game with an adult twist.  For every "point" you need to beat a monster with, you need to get a shot while your opponents try to boost that number even higher.  I`m so going to loose this game time and again...

I did purchase a bare essential though this week, in the form of a fresh size 0 brush.

And the last piece of loot is this booklet with the 40k core rules the Nemesis gave me, as he had quite a few of them.  This allows me to quickly skim through the rules instead of having to flick through the big book every time, thanks matey.

Well, another week gone by, and Crisis comes ever closer now, so see you next week!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Drankspelletjes, cool!!! Wat een fantastisch vriendinnetje 😜

    1. Indeed, like the best thing that happened to me, finally someone that connects with me on so many levels.