zondag 29 oktober 2017

The Dark Tower

Long awaited, the adaption of the highly popular Stephen King books hit the cinema this year.

And with the combined talent of Matthew McConaughey as Walter and Idris Elba as Roland, what could go wrong?

Well... stuff...

Intended as an intro to launch the franchise, of which a series is said to be in the works, The Dark Tower brings us into the story when a boy, Jake, dreams of a machine assaulting a large, well, dark tower.  This construction stands at the center of realities, and the evil sorcerer Walter wants to tear it down and start the apocalypse.

He has defeated a mythical order of warriors called Gunslingers, of which Roland is the last survivor, and he needs Jake who has such a strong "Shine" that he could bring the tower down by his own.  Jake travels to Mid World to look for the source of his dreams, and comes in touch with Roland. 
Walter on the other hand travels to our world to find Jake and capture him, even killing his parents in the process.  While he manages to catch the boy, this leads to a confrontation between him and Roland.

Well, the movie is from a visual aspect more then okay, the end fight is bonkers, and McConaughey and Elba are holding the movie up.  But that`s the problem, because the story in itself is brought rather shallow, as it is a sort of canonical sequel to the 8 part book series.  And it draws on elements from all eight of them, which isn`t handy if you haven`t read the books.

As such, it feels a bit of a "light" epilogue, and as it`s a different story you can`t say the book was better, though they definitly are, being far more in depth and "taking along" then this, in all honesty, rather dull movie.  The only "good" moment for me was when Elba was brought to a hospital in our world...

A missed chance for sure... so let`s hope the series when it materializes will be stronger.

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