vrijdag 6 oktober 2017

Sigvald, Lord of Slaanesh

So I`m starting to slowly work on my planned 4000 points Slaanesh army for next year's TSA big battle, and what better place to begin with then the general of the force.

Though in hindsight, I have doubt it will be him.

This is because he is made from "Finecast", the resin GW used a while for special characters and the like during my "abscence", and truth to be told, it is total rubbish.  It`s super brittle material compared to a lot of resin models out there, and I`m actually afraid to handle him for the sword and such.

Not to mention there is a clump of the sprue between the hair and the shoulder pad, that I can`t get removed unless I had neurochirgeon hand eye coordination, and I just incorporated it into the paintjob.

The model itself has been painted up pretty classical, in his shiny golden armour and his long blonde hair (I went for dun tones instead of yellow ones for this, to give it a more natural look).

Well, I guess I`ll have to see if he ends up as a shelf decoration, or will see actual battle one day...

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