maandag 23 oktober 2017

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

After two more comical and "light novel" based series, it was time to get back to an anime in my "genre" to watch, and I opted for Majestic Prince.

This 24 episode long (and one "special" 25th) follows a team of young pilots to help stave off an invasion of Earth.

Team Rabbit, or the "Fail Five" as they are known at the academy, is suddenly recruted by the high commander Simon to pilot five (later in the series, a 6th suit follows) top of the line armoured suits.  It turns out that the children are genetically enhanced, and that the JULIA system in the suits is specifically matched to each one of their DNA's, allowing better control and higher power outputs.

But at a risk... as Izuru will find out.

It was an okay series to watch, and it has amassed somewhat of a key following over the past years, but I`m afraid I`m not one of them though.  I liked how the series build up, and the animation is pretty awesome, but in the end it lacked one thing that makes for example Gundam series so much stronger: the political motivation and intrigues that tend to crop up.

The bad guys aren`t that developped either, and that makes it all in all a bit lacking in my tastes for the genre, but as I dated above, it isn`t all bad and okay to watch.

But I won`t put it on a top spot on My Anime List I`m afraid...

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