dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

Gypsy Girl

While rummaging to my "left overs" boxes from years ago, I stumbled upon this lady.

Now, I have no clue anymore what brand she is from, let alone why I ever bought her to be honest. 

Probably as part for scenery scenes or something.  But she can prove to have a use apart from that, yet in a way exactly as that, in my Dux games.

In the campaign, as a Pagan player, I have a Crone in my retinue to help preventing the deaths of characters.  Now, you aren`t obliged at all to have her on the table, but overtime I`m planning to put down some "scenery" in my deployment like the horse handlers for additional units, a baggage cart, that sort of stuff, and she will be there as well.

I didn`t go for the "old hag" look for my Crone, but instead imagined her as an "Irish dancing girl" who is considered to have magical powers by my Lord.  Which are in all likeliness nothing more then some fancy hip manoeuvers in the lord's tent between battles...

I painted her in a very generic clothing tones, so that I can use her in other periods as well, however unlikely, but never say never where (or better, when) I`ll be wargaming era`s in the future.

And now, it`s time to turn my attention to The Empire once again...

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