zondag 8 oktober 2017

TSA Clubnight 6th of October 2017

Past friday I didn`t have anything particular planned, so I had the time to take a look around and watch the various games in progress.

Once again, a big variety of era's and systems was on the table, so enjoy the pictures...

A Napoleonics game in 28mm was in full swing, continuing from earlier weeks.

Chain of Command was put through it`s paces

Star Trek Attack Wing saw the Romulans face off the USS Defiant and her allies.

Fantasy was represented by a battle from the The Ninth Age ruleset.

In monthly fashion, the cycling contest was in full swing once again.

A large ACW game, used to test the homebrewn rules of Rudi.

The boardgames where present as well of course

Mantic's sci-fi system was played by our local Pathfinder.  Or boyscout.  Not sure...

A large Team Yankee battle.

More world war 2, as the Russians prepare their attack.

Hancock`s division is going after Jackson in the second ACW game that was being played tonight.

This 40k test was of particular intrest to me, as it is a try out for next year's big battle.  Knights are trying to escape an ambush, with 1500 vs 2000 points.

In our Dux campaign, the Raiders came from the sea to raid a village.

A third world war 2 game in 28mm, this saw the British face off the Germans.

And there we have it, the selection of games being played this week.

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