zaterdag 7 oktober 2017

Queen's Blade season 1

A few years old, but finally I watched the first season of this fantasy girl anime.

Set in a mythical country, a variety of female warriors gather to become the newest Queen's Blade, a great honour in the whole world.

Reina, our lead, joins the thief Listy and warrior princess Tomoe to travel to the lands where the battle will take place.  On the road, she meets new allies as well as enemies, even though allegiances tend to shift over the course of the story.

They help her prepare and develop, as she possesses a raw power, which is noticed by Enchida first.  This combined with her good nature and noble heart make her an unexpected, yet serious contender for the crown.

It`s a typical soft novel adaption, in that the heroines aren`t only scantily clad, they also tend to have the habit of losing their armour or clothing during their fights.  But apart from that, it is a nice storyline, some okay development on the secondary characters motives, and most of all, it`s very lovely drawn.

Recommended... in a way ;-)

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