zondag 30 oktober 2011

Regiment of the Month 6: Crossing the finish line

So here we are, the final instalment of this effort by a heap of TSA`ers. At the end, not many reached the finish line, but I wouldn`t call it a flop though, it motivated me at least to seriously tackle some `have to do` units on Lead Mountain.

And just to celebrate this, I present you this month with no less then two units finished...

Tau Fire Warriors: Pro-painted, your friend!

Now, I`m not meaning in any way by this that they are pro-painted, but if you look for `pro painted` on sites like eBay, you`ll find the most horribly coloured in, misassembled heap of miniatures on earth, and they are dead cheap to boot as well. I netted this unit for only a pound on the famous auction site. Sure the backpacks where upside down and yups, guns didn`t fit nicely in hand, but my wallet loved the blokes.

One just wonders how those people`s `tabletop standard` or `average` paintjobs would look like.

But on to the unit then. I opt not to go for to much flashy stuff in my `core` units, so I just took the top size of 12 with no blah blah, apart from two pulse carabines. You never know when you might get lucky and get an extra volley in with the, imho, superior standard weapon of the game, the pulse rifle.

Roll out the guns

The second unit is actually not the one I had planned. I wanted to present the 69th New York (the Irish Brigade) in their still `militia` state, the regiment where the `Boys that wore the Green` evolved out.
But I ran low on my Coat D`Arms Light Blue, the colour I use in the pants for one, and of course, the models are wearing the long coats that need to be in that colour... typically. Luckily, Crisis is only 6 days away now (well, for the build up and all, technically 5).

So instead I painted up a small battery of 6pdr guns. The models are Foudnry crew, but I have no idea where I found the little cannons, I have them in my bitsbox for ages.
I noticed my confederate opponents over the course of ARAM all prepared artillery, so now we can at least give some counterbattery fire before the heavier guns get a paintjob.

To Infinity... and Beyond!

So what to do now then? Well, with the return to GW, of which the who and why will be featured in the next Far Side newsletter by the end of the week, I now have no less then 5 main projects running for painting *swallow*

There are the warhammer and 40k armies that need to be build up to about 1000 points each to get the ball rolling, then there are the Union forces that still need a couple of regiments to be added to their ranks, the Dreadfleet ships and accessories are also in the making and finally, I have to start preparing for a new Lead Painter`s League should the fresh season start...

I guess I`m going to `alternate` in sequence and go for full regiments at a time, now that I got the hang back of the requirements in painting regiments hehehe.

So, till the next time, ciao ciao!

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  1. I hope to see all these nice painted figures live next week at the meeting. As I'm not a wargamer myself it doesn't mean I don't like the figures. And they really look nice!

    See you next week if I can find you ;-)


  2. I`ll be at Crisis, buried somewhere in the second hand under a heap of boxes from my great clean out to accomodate for the new furniture. Just go to the one with the big mouth and a lot of noise teeheehee