zaterdag 3 november 2012

Crisis 2012: The Aftermath

Another first saturday of november of the year, so that means another Crisis show down here in Antwerp, this time in a new venue, Hangar 29.

About the venue, as you could read yesterday I was attending as a pure visitor this year for various reasons, so I hadn't seen it getting 'born' during the build-up, so it would be a suprise for me as well this morning.

And I must say I'm mightily impressed.  The hall is BIG, I even dare say that on sheer floorspace we're rivalling Salute now, even though the 'feel' of both shows can't be compared in my opinion.

The hall was well lit (technically, it's two halls in one complex, we used about 1.5 of them) and far more airier then the previous venue, and you had ample space to stand still and have a look / chat without being beaten to a pulp of passing by backpacks.  The average wargamer stereotype, no need to elaborate on that now don't we.

Perhaps the only, and that is about the only thing the previous venue had over this one was visitor parking space due to being located at a cinema complex, but that did't weight up against benefits like easier access and all.  Now I can imagine some people might also point out that the older venue had more outsourced bars and food locations, but this is due to the new location not being well known by non-'natives', me and my group went for a burgerrestaurant (and I'm talking the real deal, not the McDonalds / Quick crap) at only a 5 minute walk towards the MAS museum (the big, modern looking red building outside the hall, right across the entrance to the parking).

So let's have at first a few looks around the new hall:

 The busiest trader of all: the one that strengthened the inner person

Now, as you might see, it all looked a bit less crowded then last year, but my gutt feeling and the fact the goodie bags ran out shortly after noon tells me visitors where about on par.  Thank the lord for SPACE.  Don't change this guys, it's a very, very welcome bonus.

So next off, let's have a few looks on some of the things on hand at the show:

Sheep Games... I wonder if Andy already has found a way to smuggle all the boardgames into his house...

Only to move onwards to the games themselves, now like all my aftermaths, forgive my swiss cheese for brains as I can't remeber names and clubs presenting the games very well, to much eye candy:

 Honey, did you see the showerhead somewhere?

 A paper terrain gaming board, sheer awesomeness

 A Chaos force assaults an Empire held village

 Murphy's Heroes particpation game, really nice looking and in Peter's well known GM style

 X-Wing in full swing.  Luckily no Mickey to be seen yet

 Dystopian Wars.  Can't put my finger on it why, but this game never rocked my boat no matter how awesome the models tend to look

 Pegasus Bridge.  You can't have a show without one ;-)

 Crooked Dice's Fiddler Green

 A very lovely Flames of War game

 A world war 2 airial game

 Freebooters gorgeous ship table

 Bushido: love the models, resisted the temptation (yay me, I'm really getting old)


 This one I personally loved, a huge Epic Armageddon battle.  It ain't often anymore that you see those presented at conventions

 Malifaux.  Grab it Sven, I know you want to

Phil of Schild en Vriend and his demo game, pure fun.  The miniatures where the scenery, and the scenery the playing pieces as the player tried to direct the flow of the Donau in order to burn french pontoon bridges.

All in all a succesful visit, it felt different according to my travelling companions, but it is a big improvement over the whole line.

So that brings us to the traditional closer: the LOOT

* At Black Cat Bases I bought a second hand ziggurat with bull head icons for 10 GBP, that will become a nice centrepiece for my Chaos Dwarf force, and a treasure chest dice box to put all my mimited edition block dice and chaos dwarf dice into, for 5 GBP (total: 18 euros).  And of course the free yearly cat, this time a duo of cats actually.

* A bit further perhaps my only impulse buy, a model kit of a Macross Super Valkyrie for 5 euros

* Size 0 brushes, Plastic Putty tube and MiG Wood Weathering Effect at Dax Magic.

* At a german's discount bin, where it was 3 blisters for 10 euros, I digged up a Mantic Abysmal Dwarf King blister and an Orc hero from the Dungeons and Dragons range.  Sven grabbed the third blister with a High Reclaimer warcaster for Warmachines Menoth faction

* A great find at the bring and sell; the Storms of Magic book for only 20 euros; still in mint condition.  Time to start adding a lot of monster with the scrolls of binding to my forces hehehe.

* The Peter Minuit entry model, who will become part of my Dogs of War contignent for the Chaos Dwarfs.  I ultimately ended up with three of them actually, as both Sven and Andy gave me theirs for having no use for him.

A very sober buying streak, I'm finally seem to be learning the grips of those things called 'planned purchases', 'avoiding eye candy shineys', 'don't impulse buy' and 'budget planning by leaving the plastic card at home'.

As a farewell note to this years Crisis, Sven's Black Cat Grey Aliens that participated in the Lead Painter's League two years ago go back to their creators as a gift, all he wanted for them where some dice:

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  1. Some great looking tables. thanks for sharing these pics mate.

  2. CRISIS was great as usual, but I had mixed feelings with the new venue. Altough the bigger hall gave us some cooler air and extra space to move around it also felt a bit less "cozy".

    On the other hand this year was the most expensive ever for me so nothing wrong with the trader selection or the 2nd hand :-)

    In short: a great event with the added bonus of great people as company!!

  3. Looks good. I might consider a trip across the channel next year.

  4. Some great pics! One day we might make it over to the show....fingers crossed!

  5. Great report of a great show, I know 'cause I was walking alongside you ;-)
    And again this year had some excellent battlefield sceneries and models, along with some fun & original participation games (lasting for 37 minutes!!!)

    I did mis some things in that big new hall, but that was mainly due to my shopping list I guess...
    Got me some nice buys though like a Menoth faction book for €15 and Tomsche digging out a €3 High Reclaimer for me, thanks man!!!
    Unfortunately that was about all the Warmachine stuff on Crisis...

    I did spot that Epic Armageddon table too, but only after the 4th time we circled the venue and it looked awesome. It made me kinda sad seeing it knowing I have a big 6mm army at home that will probably never get playtime. Although I did toy with the idea using these for a Rampage/Monsterpocalyse style game.

    So in this aftermath, this is what lies ahead of me:
    -get my Mordheim Norse up and running
    -order some Warmachine as Crisis lacked in that department
    -paint zombies for Crooked Dice's ZombieTV game
    -stick mu new Necromancer on his zombie Deathroller 2000 ride

    And then as Tomsche mentioned, one of the highlights for me was donating my LPL Grey Aliens back to Black Cat Bases and seeing them get a spot in their display case! They've come full circle!

    Thanks to Tomsche and Andy for a great day, and thanks to Joeri for the general support ;-)

  6. @ Ray and Clint: definitly do so, it's worth the trip and Belgium is not that far after all.

    @ Sven: your Malifaux band is put aside, thanks for the mobile suit

  7. Thanks for the excellent pic report Tomsche!
    I knew I didn't had to take my camera with me.

    I was a bit overwelmed by the sheer volume of traders this year, ending in the most expensive Crisis ever for me. By far!

  8. Glad to be of service, every camera not hauled along is room for `just one more blister`

  9. Ah yes, Malifaux...another thing I'll probably won't be able to resist although I have plenty of other stuff to do!

    Oh well, the life of a wargamer I guess...