zondag 25 mei 2014

Age of Mitgardia: Walls phase two MOC

It has been a while, but since I`m still waiting for a BrickLink parcel to finish off my Avalonian category B, and am as good as through sorting bricks, I`ve build a new entry to the Age of Mitgardia MoC freebuild line.

Even though currently there are some tensions between Mitgardia and Kaliphim over a pirate incident, the hill and mountain passes in the southern part have walls between rocksides.  Though these serve mostly to mark regional borders and often have open gateways, they do have some armed guards to check the passing travellers for unthrustworthy characters.

In times of war or even all out invasion, these gates are not only easier to protect as you need less warriors and force the enemies into bottlenecks, they can also be barricaded for added defensive value and closing off the inner lands.  In these warmer southern regions, these often consist of the vicious and fearless BEARDLESS warrior women of Mitgardia.

But on a normal day, you can just see a lot of odd figures passing through, like Northern Wolfmen and Kaliphim tradesmen, all going about their businesses.

This build is my second one in the Walls line of building defences...

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