woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Emperor's Children Predator (Razorback)

Due to an unexpected "battle date" the coming friday, in which I`ll be facing the Orks in a 1000 point battle, my paint schedule has been seriously reshuffled.

No time to work on the Irish cavalry (albeit I only need those after the 11th of november), the EC units where pushed to the fore.

While the Helbrute was quickly done as he only needed basing, I still needed to do my Predator, and later on a small squad of 5 Marines.

The Predator is actually a "regular" space marine Razorback, a vehicle type Chaos doesn`t possess.  However, it makes a suitable Predator if you use the twin lascannon option, which the Predator can also carry, and it becomes a no sponson vehicle.

Painted in the pink and black livery of the Emperor's Children, she is the first of the armoured wing of tanks for my force to be completed, and will be on the table to hopefully give all those small vehicles of the Orks a bad day.

Now to finish the final squad before being able to pack up my army for friday...

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