dinsdag 4 mei 2021

Kakegurui XX

 The second season of the gambling show, now streaming on Netflix.

And with Noshi being a bit back in anime watching mode, we watched the 12 episode series in 3 evenings time after baby Thorin went to bed.

Yumeko Jabami keeps climbing the ladder of Hyakkao Private School with her extreme gambling skills, and this makes student president Kirari to bring out the ultimate gamble: presidential elections.  But the votes are chips one can win through gambles, and as she also puts the Momobami clan leadership on the line, events are set in motion.

Other students of her clan transfer to the school to have their go at the leadership, and as accomplished gamblers start making shifts in the rankings.  This leads to confrontations between the clan members and the council, with Yumeko the joker in the games...

Another enjoyable season of this not so regular anime series.  While I am add times ad odds with it, I love the story as it hooked me, but on the other hand ain't a fan of the anime style of hard drawn close up faces.

But never the less, looking forward to a third season for sure to see how the elections play out...

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