vrijdag 22 september 2023

The 9th Age: Infernal Dwarves Overlord

 Every army needs a leader, so the next unit for the tournament, now merely a month away, is the general.

Pretty basically equipped, he will go into the warriors unit I`m now painting.
The model is from Avatars of War, and still one of the metal versions.  I believe it is set for rerelease in resin / STL, but don`t take my word for it, this little guy has been in my collection for a long time already.

I opted for the regular scheme of my force, blue and gold, going with a red cloak for contrast.

For the army list itself, he adds a serious amount to the total being both an Overlord, as well as carrying magical items, and brings the total points completed into the final 5th.

So now it's time to move on to the big block of warriors and the movement trays, and then this army is ready for battle and hopefully not be tabled every game by turn 3 hehehe...

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