dinsdag 3 oktober 2023

Warmonger issue 2

 Fanzines, they are a lovely thing!

Just like the old GW magazines that came to a specific game system, or the unofficial rules magazine they produced, Citadel Journal, this is always fun to read stuff.

Over the years, I collected quit a lot of them, and these days they can also be found often online as the days of the printed medium has been switched for digital PDF's.  And I`ll be reviewing some of them occassionally over the coming months.  Bear in mind though, it are usually Chaos Dwarf suited magazines, because that is my boat, but not always.

And today we will have a look at the second volume of the Warmonger fanzine.  It can be found online, or if you like, contact me and I can pass the PDF on.  I obtained this issue myself that way, by someone I follow on Instagram (Tom Evans) and contributed the Dawi'Zharr article in the fanzine.  Sharing is caring!
And his Big Hats article is not only the cover story, but also the first article in this issue, talking about their origins all the way back in 1994 and how the Dawi'Zharr are a niche within a niche. Now, if you are a Chaos Dwarf afficionado like me and still own a lot of the old metals this is nostalgia, but if you want to start collecting a force of the typical big hat style, prepare to shelf out an arm and a leg for them in the aftermarket.  Never the less, this is one article that can be certainly enjoyed.

There are some follow up articles, like Steam and Steel, that give great alternate model ideas to build a force, and rules to use these in friendly games as such.  The models and stats are for the Modhidius Games models for The Elder Scrolls.

But there is also an article on the fantastic range of 3D printed miniatures from Lost Kingdom Miniatures, especially their monimental scenery pieces.

Rules Creep is an article about that well known fact in Games Workshop and other game system manufacturers: the new kid on the block always has the upper hand (except if you are a Space Marine), exemplified with the back then new High Elf book.  Because that means people would start and buy the new range of an army that will beat all comers.

So a nice little fanzine, and apart from 2 pages totally Chaos Dwarf-centric, so if you love the coolest of armies ever to have graced the Old World, this is a totally must have to download!

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