zaterdag 24 februari 2024

The Haul Report 389

 Time for sharing some loot again, and it has a good chunk of anime in it this time!

First of all, my parcel from TokyoCatch arrived and contained this lovely lady.

Yeah, I liked her, and thought she was sweet on the eye, hence I went all out to capture her in the crane games.

My MyBox from Archonia also arrived, giving more reading pleasure as it contained the following books this time round:

A couple of small enveloppes arrived at home, granting some more cards from the Date A Bullet expansion as I keep edging closer to completing the series.  Heck, who knows if I score some big sales I might go for the very expensive signed cards to complete it fully, but no promises there with a lot of other expensive hobbies to pay for.

I also did some treasure hunting this period, visiting the local Kringwinkel as I ran out of novels to read, and looked around a bit for more fun stuff.  You can see the result of the little hunt in this short video:

And then there was this cute little mustard glass, as the pot of Dijon mustard had finished, and yeah, considering it's french, so are the Pokemon's names on them.

So all in all, some fun stuff to go round this time.  Now to start budgetting for the Bring and Buy at the wargame club in march, so you probably won't see an instalment appear before then, but (hopefully) it will be a big one then!

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