dinsdag 30 december 2014

A bit of all kinds of things...

Unfortunatly, 2014 is ending on a sour note.  Yesterday, the dreaded verdict came that my knee is a total loss, and my pitch days are now officially and permanently a thing of the past.

Of course, this came home a bit of a jack hammer blow, even though it was already something I suspected considering the issues I had with the old bloke for over a year now, but still, not the hapiest of news to hear.

So to distract the mind a bit, I tackled another stack of boxed sets and polybags I have lying around, and started building and photographing a heap of Lego sets.

Of course, needless to say I now have a serious backlog of build reports that will carry me a long way into 2015 already on material for a weekly posting ;-)

My mum and family went on the annual trip to Canterbury in the meantime while I was in the hospital, and even though the Debenham`s website had Benny`s Spaceship and the middle set of Guardians at -50%, they found neither there.  They did bring back however this nice little gadget :-)

Which means as the year closes, I can now update the Bricky Wish list with the `sets to get` for 2015, apart from those still missing from my Middle Earth collection.

Of course, this includes Benny`s Spaceship, I loved the whole sequence in the Movie when he gets the word go at last to build one.

Further to gets are the Guardians sets before they rotate out as the movie is getting older, including the Rocket Polybag.

From the DC line, there is still the Riddler Chase set I`m after.  I always loved the villain (especially even the Jim Carrey version!) and it has The Flash in it as well.  The other one is the one set of 2015 that I really am going to get, finally we get Green Lantern in widely available retail version.

And finally, there are some Star Wars sets I`ll be looking for still.  The small Darth Vader Transformation is at premium rates online, but you never know when I might find one in some small toy store.  The Snow Speeder and especially the TIE are high on the list for display, I always had a fond place for the iconic Empire vessel...

So yeah, it has been a busy 36 hours, but even as the year draws to a close, we will keep our chin high and make the best of it none the less...

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