zondag 21 december 2014

The Year 2014 part 3: the goals of 2014

In the third instalment of looking back on the year, let`s have a look at those goals that where listed in the left corner of this very blog... 

Well, considering the huge gap there is still to be closed, and makes it impossible to do so in the remaining 9 days of the year, I think I can safely assume that those still open can be labelled `Failed`.

Now, after going over them, I can safely scratch them off and replace them with the ones for 2015, whom I`ll be looking into detail more in part 5 of 5 of this yearly review, but I think we can safely assume it has been a year of seriously mixed success.

The first goal we have is the Planeswalker Points for Magic the Gathering.  Just like last year, my card chucking days are divided in three `sequences`.  From january to about april, I occassionally get a game in, then from april to august it`s nearly full time gaming, only to drop stone dead after that.  And just like last year, this has everything to do with my private life like my reschooling schedule.  I had hoped to reach level 32 this year, coming from level 28, but I`m failing with 252 points on this.

Which is the same gap as it was after GP Utrecht, I haven`t gotten in a single game since that first weekend of august...

So yes, that goal would have been obtainable had I just managed to pick up the Khans of Tharkir pre-release and release event weekends, as well as the GPT or such left or right.

But on the contrary to last year, this time I did already manage to score the needed PWP`s to be allowed to participate in the 2015 WMCQ`s.  And grab that first event victory.  So in conclusion on the Magic front I did manage to get specific goals achieved, but failing the overal target.

The other big goal was the Playstation Network ranking.  Here I failed miserably, as I didn`t even get up a single level this year after the impressive ratio of levels and platinums in 2013 with the Challenge back then.  I mostly only played the Telltale games, and did some Lego games, but that is it... This is in part due to the Minifigures Online MMO, and before that the fact I went in hard again on World of Warcraft.

Talking World of Warcraft, I scored both the 1000 achievements and 10.000 achievement points, but once I had to replace my computer after the big holidays... I never re-installed the game, nor did I do that for either EVE or World of Tanks, and those games fizzled away from my attention span.  So no level 10 tank either...

All in all, that means the goals I`ve set myself for the gaming department are failures over the whole line.  And will be FAR more modest for the coming year ;-)

But I did score great on those goals that included the magical words of `funding, trading, exchanging` and the likes.  For this year, I had aimed to get myself a LOT of the bigger sets of Lego, most of the Lord of the Rings range, but also the Black Pearl.  And that I did achieve over the whole line with great success, so great actually I also managed to grab the whole latest wave of Hobbit sets without having to dig into the savings account.

The other Lego goals, building the Blood Elf moc for Guilds of Historica, was achieved as well (and after the recent BM, has been torn down again now), but all realism of course, the Tundra Bull didn`t get nowhere near obtaining the Ideas funding limit. 

So all in all, it was rather okay for the completed goals of 2014, but nothing more then that, no spectacular achievements obtained, no real big goals even approached... I would say on that part that perhaps I have been a bit to lazy and unfocussed with my attention jumping around just a bit to much the past year.

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