zondag 21 december 2014

Updating my SigFig

For nearly two years Hagen, hero of the village of Merak, has been running around in his current incarnation, but as the pool of available (more modern) parts grows, it was time for him to get a bit of a restyling make-over.

Now, I did want to retain his `core`, with the smugness of the Han Solo face and the white / green shirt of the space police he wears under his armour.  And of course, his ancient `yellow castle` visor is a stayer as well, but around that, some details could be changed.

The first thing to go where his yellow trouser pants, and replaced by full white ones.  Adios `running around butt naked` jokes hehe.

Another change is his shield, which still sported a heavily discoloured yellow castle decal on it, and replaced by one of the shields that came with Bard`s boat in the Lake-Town Chase set.  I thought it only a bit logical being a `Ring geek` that some hint to the Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit was included in his looks.

The third and perhaps most striking difference is his sword.  Replacing the old, light grey one for a more modern looking one, he now sports a bigger, badder looking blade from the Ninjago range, of course with the iceblue blade attached to it to better show off his allegiance to the Mitgardia Northern Lands!

And so he stands ready to face the challenges in the coming years.

For the North!!

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