dinsdag 30 december 2014

My `The Best of 2014` look back

On this penultimate day of the year, I`m looking back on the cool things I saw, heard, read and the likes during the past year.  

Now mind you, it doesn`t mean that they are actually things from 2014, just things that I discovered this year...

And as you will see, there are some very suprising results in there, that you might not have expected from me at all...

1. Best Anime of 2014: Aldnoah Zero

There was the second season of Saint Seiya Omega with a lot of old school, there was a heap of Gundam... but for me the best anime series I saw this year is a bit of an unloved gem.  I hadn`t ven heard of it before I started watching it, but ALDNOAH ZERO is probably one of the best ever made.  And it`s very unexpected ending for something in the Mecha genre makes it even more stronger and daring.

2. Best Movie of 2014: Jimmy`s Hall

You probably all expected something like the The Hobbit, the Lego Movie or some sci-fi flick here, but the best move I saw (it`s review is still in the backlog lined up) was the social drama Jimmy`s Hall.  yes, not very like me it might seem, but it is a very strong movie.

3. Best Series: The Flash

It`s a superhero series as it should be.  Nothing of the `deep and dark` tone most series tend to set these days (or try to, I can`t even remotely start liking Gotham), but light hearted and fast paced action, a red line storyline running through it, and well, just good entertainment.  It topped my list as such right above Game of Thrones and the new Doctor Who (I LOVE Capaldi), and it has that lighthearted feeling like the original two Spider-Man movies and such.

4. Best Book: Terry Pratchett The Colour of Magic

I finally got around to reading the first instalment ever written for the awesome Discworld universe, even though I`ve read many that became after it.  And the Luggage, Twoflowers and Rincewind remain a great adventure story fellowship.  The typical tongue-in-cheeck and wordplay humour of Pratchett remains classical in the genre.

5. Best Game: The Wolf Amongst Us

The Telltale adaption of the Fables comics is for me personally the best game experience I had the past year.  Even though Lego The Hobbit is fun and great, and the Walking Dead season 2, also by Telltale, is intense, I really could live into the dilemma`s of Bigsby Wolf and companions.

6. Best Music: the opening of Sidonia no Kishi

Performed by Angela, it`s tragic undertone and military marching pace exploding into the fatser parts make this a great song for myself.  Though it will never top of course the best song ever made, My Friend the Wind by Demis Roussos...

7. Best LEGO set: the ECTO-1

Here I wanted to put at first the newest, smallest set of the new The Hobbit wave, Witch King Battle, or the Black Pearl which makes a magnificent mantle piece drawing gazes of all those that visit here, but the ECTO-1 is just so much more.  It`s a classic, an icon of my youth (and it`s siren has been my ringtone for ages).

So these are it, my top selections of the past year.  Tomorrow, in the very final post of the year on this blog, I`ll be taking a look forward in the 5th and final part of 2014, by having a look at the geeky goals I`ve set for myself in the coming 12 months.

See you then!

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