donderdag 25 december 2014

Work-in-Progress: Lake-Town part 4

Well, I promised that from now on, something would be there to be seen, in order to better show what I was working on...

So today I packed up my Lake-Town Chase and Assault sets to move them from my little corner at the GF`s place to my man-cave, and the fitting of the sets on the plate could begin.

With the two main sets decided how they should become posed on the base plate I`ve been working on, the next step was to build a simple platform for the Lake-Town Guard polybag set to be included on the display.

Once this was attached, I could start laying down tiles for where the ice parts in the water could be placed, as well as grey tiles for where some ruins are going to be build up, as seen in the second movie when Bard ferries the Dwarfs to Esgaroth.

The final thing I managed to complete today is the build up hill and beach in the corner, now the next thing on the menu is the rather time-consuming job of building the water, but that will be for the next update, somewhere in the new year :-)

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year y`all!

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