dinsdag 23 december 2014

More DC Lego covers for the collection

November had all DC comics come equipped with a Lego variant cover to celebrate the release of Lego Batman 3 on a variety of consoles, and in total I snatched up 6 of them. 

After both previously shown Green Lantern comics and the Harley Quinn one, last week I received the final batch of those I`ve ordered with the Sinestro, Catwoman and The Flash issues.

In Sinestro, the antagonist of the Corps tries to trick one of the god-like beings that are slaughtering ringbearers of all around in wearing a yellow ring of Fear.

In Catwoman, we see Selina try and control the crime imperium she inherited from her father and twist it to her own way of leading.

The Falsh finds Barry Allen caught inside the Speedster Force, while a future version of himself, in a blue suit, takes out criminals to be that will influence his life.

I really loved the variation covers, and am still deciding wether or not to go for the full series after all before the prices go at a factor x10 like they did with the Marvel ones a few years ago...

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