vrijdag 5 december 2014

Focussing on Castle

I guess it`s something that happens within most hobbies that involve terms like `display`, `collecting` and more of that.

You reach the critical shelf point mass, and then you are going to have to make choices.  Even in Lego.  But with Lego, you have the benefit you can tear down everything and rebuild it later should your focus shift, so that is one huge benefit it has over my other or older hobbies.

Now, I still have a lot of shelf space left, as most of the builds I took along for Brick Mania have in the meantime been deconstructed and sorted in the applicable boxes, ready to be re-used in future projects.  But never the less, a certain degree of `shopping control` is required, because Brickdiction is a dangerous little thing.

There is always that one set you can use that certain thing from...

Now personally, the choice was rather easy for myself.  Castle, the broad term for all things Lego involving elves, dwarfs, the middle ages, vikings, fantasy etc etc etc has always been a favorite of mine, and that `always` dates back as far as this little fella:

Considering also that it was the Lord of the Rings range that pulled me out of the Dark Ages (pun intended) and back into building with the famous bricks, there was hardly ever any doubt where my personal focus would come to rest.

Granted, classic space was a contender, as where the superhero lines, but never the less, it was Guilds of Historica that really pulled me over any doubts as to what I was going to be focussing on...

And the fact it shared similarities with my old wargame hobby, where I fielded many a different Warhammer force more then any other wargame aspect probably had something to do with it.  In my mind`s eye, I`m still fighting dragons and hunting evil sorcerers for decades.

I can`t really put a finger on it how it ever came to be that way, but I guess the necessary dose of Tolkien at a very young age probably formed my infant mind a lot.  This won`t mean I can`t be looking at, or even buying, the occassional set from another range or franchise within the Lego-verse, but sheer reality means that most of my time, I will be stacking grey bricks on green grasslands ;-)

Now if I only can master that round tower technique...

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