donderdag 4 december 2014

Inspirational Lego - Thinderbirds are Go!

It has been a while, but it`s time to show some of the best finds of recent weeks from over the net, and let you be amazed at the level of skill people out there are building with our favorite little toy.

For this edition, I ain`t going to take things out of a particular setting, but just some of the truly amazing, guffawked things I saw on sources like Eurobricks, MOCPages and Facebook, about my main three sources to feet my Brickdiction in eye-candy.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Thunderbirds are GO!

Who doesn`t remember (of the older generation) this marionation show, of International Rescue and their highly specialised vessels racing out to save the world from all kinds of natural and unnatural disasters.  The great thing of the show, centered around the Tracy family, is that violence was quite minimal actually in a series from the 60s.

I personally always was a fan of Thunderbird 2 btw...

Message in a Bottle

One can only be amazed at the people that make small wooden ships inside a glass bottle.  This has even amazed me further, as the builder made one consisting of Lego in the bottle...

Snow Fighters

Slowly, the Star Wars craze will be recommencing and be picked up, as the new movie is only a year away now and the first trailer has been released the past week.  So expect more and more Star Wars vessels and builds to be appearing all over the net as we ever draw closer to that mark.

The Mouse Guard

As you might all know, I`m one of the 543 people that succesfully have funded Guy Himber`s Mouse Guard project over on Kickstarter.  To get an idea what it is all about, how lovely is this build, as the story literally comes to life!

Red Coat Army

Army building, it`s something a lot of Lego enthousiasts are doing, and something I`ll be putting down a word or two on this virtual paper one of the coming weeks.  This is a great example of a red coat force from the Pirates line.

Chinese Dragon

Who said you can`t do anything with most of the Bionicle parts?

Prince of Persia

While the Lego range was created around the accompanying Disney movie, this build is based on the original 8 bit video game.


Talking old video games, here is one based on Castlevania, including a fully photoshopped box set lay out (so no, that is not a set for sale - sadly).

Well, that`s it for this series of Inspirational Lego, hope you can feast your eyes a bit on the marvelous creations found out there again, and until next time - keep bricking!

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