dinsdag 23 december 2014

The Smurf`s Christmas Stable

Now, as I talked about a few months ago, the little guy has a mild form of the condition known as ASD, and this makes Lego for him both a blessing and a curse.

It`s a blessing as it gives him something structured to work within, but it is also a curse when he is going to build something outside the instruction booklet.

So when he saw my christmas sets on the shelf, he wanted to build his own christmas stable to go with his little christmas tree, and here is his creation:

In a way, he is totally right it is better then the Workshop, as he build it without a plan and from imagination.  And I actually like the inclusion of Chicken Suit Guy as the angel ;-)

Now, I can only keep hoping and stimulating him more and more to build things from imagination, though for that his current football craze has to pass over I think hehe...

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