donderdag 18 december 2014

Work-in-Progress: The Mitgardian Army part 2

During the past weeks, I managed to continue BrickLinking and combining parts to add some more troops to the budding Army of Merak, commanded by my SigFig Hagen.

Two regiments and two small units now stand ready to defend the North against all commers...

The first completed regiment is the Brotherhood of the Wolf, a rather rag tag bunch led by Lord Fenryr, wielding his icy blade.

Standing alongside them are the Company of the Dragon, well drilled troops and experienced in the field of battle.

The Amazon warriors are valkyre`s that fight in the more temperate south of the lands.  Divided in Gate Guards and Temple Guards, these fierce warrior women are easily the better of most men.

The coming weeks I`ll be trying to be putting together one or more of the larger `mainstay` regiments, but as I`ll be `technically unavailable` for the most part of the seasonal holidays, I can`t put a timestamp on it though.

See you next time!

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