zondag 28 december 2014

Lego Bouw Je Eigen Ruimterijk book review

The latest addition to the Legobrary that I found under the christmas tree (thanks mum and dad), is `Bouw je eigen Ruimterijk`, not sure how it was released in english, but it roughly translates as `Build your own space empire`.

This hefty 400 page tome, published here by Atrium and written by Joachim Klang, Oliver Albrecht, Lutz Uhlmann and Tim Bischoff is propped full of building instructions, and while focussing mainly on Star Wars, it has some other franchises in it as well.

It namely contains some Star Trek, a build for Moonbase Alpha 1 (but not the Eagle though), a lot of Star Wars, a Mecha and some Battlestar Galactica (the original series).

The main sorts of builds are either `block figures` like the Captain Kirk seen here, or a lot of vehicles from Star Wars in scale with the microfigs you can find in the Lego games, like X-Wings, AT-ATs and the likes.

Every instruction is well drawn, and comes with a comprehensive parts listing for what you will be needing to build certain things.

But the beauty for me, and with whom I immediatly fell in love, is the instructions for the Colonial Viper in Minifig scale.  So much even, that I`ll be attempting to make my own copy as a goal for 2015!

It`s a good book and I`m glad to have it in the collection, even though it`s `outside` my regular niche, but hey, it`s Lego, the bricks stay the same no matter what you want to build...

But for now...

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