donderdag 25 december 2014

Building Stephanie`s Bakery Stand

Wait, what, Friends?  Yes indeed!  

No, I`m not going from Middle Earth to the land of Pastels, but this is one of the sets from my polybag stack I`ve been working away recently.  And Friends isn`t that bad a line actually...

You see, the first thing is of course you get bricks, and if those bricks come free with promotions that makes it even better.  Secondly, the Friends hairpieces are perfectly interchangeable with the more traditional minifigures...

This particular polybag dates back from the first promotional of 2014 actually, and in the end I collected 3 or 4 of them, so let`s have a look at what`s inside.  Opening it, we get the heap of parts, the minidoll and the instructions leaflet:

The build starts by adding up to a 2x4 brick, where the counter is attached to.

The pillars are then added, and the overhanging sail of pastellic pinkies put on top.

The final step is to put all kinds of pastries on the counter, and the whole set is ready.

Nothing spectacular an sich, but it comes with the newer yellowy mustard coloured quarter circels, the pink cone, a pretzel and some small printed food tiles, which are always usuable...
I doubt the `pure` Friends will ever become `my sort` of theme, but those Elves coming in 2015, THAT is a whole other matter ;-)

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