woensdag 3 december 2014

Building the flying Spidey

I never knew Spider-Man had an airplane in his arsenal, but the 30302 polybag is the smallest and cheapest set you can grab if you want to add a Spidey to your minifig collection.

Given out as a promo, it also shows up these days in retail stores at around 4 euros for a bag.

Opening the bag, we get the small heap of parts, and the instruction sheet for the glider.

The first thing we`re putting together is the body of the plane.

The wings and the glider `bottom` are then added for when having the plane on the ground.

The landing gear is rather odd, consisting of a set of robot arms with claws as lander feet...

A wheel hub is used as the engine outlet, and the upperstructure for the missile launchers are added.

The windscreen and missiles itself are then put on the model.

And after adding the steering wheel, the set is completed and we get a small claw piece as extra...

I wouldn`t call this a great or even decent set, as the glider is rather goofy looking and more or a mish mash of pieces then it looks like, well, something, but as I stated at the introduction, it`s the easiest and cheapest set to get a Spider-Man minifig, and this was my sole motivation to grab the polybag.

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