zaterdag 27 december 2014

Blocks Magazine 3 - my first one

I have heard a lot of good things about this recently newly appeared Lego magazine, and ordered issue 3 from their website to have a look at what all the talk is about.

Being an avid reader of the US based magazine Brick Journal, which i can pick up at my local Lego retail store, I was curious, and since this issue had a feature on The Hobbit, what better way to start no?

The magazine is a 100+ page glossy publication, and is done to a nice and high standard quality.  The The Hobbit feature is basically a run down of all the sets released in the range, and a listing of all the minifigs that came with it.  An intresting read, and one that shares my own opinion that the Bag`s End set is truly one of the best franchise sets released by Lego the past years.

Another very good read for me was a comparisson article between three similar priced Lego spaceships, being the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels and the Police Drop Ship from The Lego Movie ranges.  I love these sorts of articles for the sake of not yelling everything is awesome for each single brick and piece Lego brings out, and the magazine does give bad criticism at certain points, always a welcomed tone for myself.

Another perhaps silly sounding, but intresting aspect of the magazine is that you get to see adverts of european based companies.  I`m not a purist and not `dirty` to use a minifig accessory left or right from third party companies, but for example while I ordered some BrickForge stuff a few days ago, I didn`t know that a UK based company, Firestar, distributed them as well.  This is good to know, as it would shave off a lot of time on shipping and avoid taxes on large orders that way, making the small surcharge worth it compared to the 33% import tax I get charged once an order goes over 22 euros if coming from the States.

And the Warwick Davis read was an entertaining one!  Always good to read about celebrities that share the hobbies of us commoners.

All in all, I really liked this magazine, and I`m going to go for a subscription as one of my other magazine subscriptions of abroad has ended (Non Sport Update, a magazine about trading cards but TO United States based for someone in backwater Belgium), and now to see if I can pick up the earlier copies somewhere soon at not to inflated prices to try and complete the collection.

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