zaterdag 20 december 2014

The Plan episode 44

This week it`s going to be a quickie in achievement grinding.

Tossed between the holiday season, trying my hand at some poker, and the fact that I`ll be doing my half yearly clean up of the man-cave, I don`t have that much time at all to actually be playing this game.

Well, the only things I did do, is take care of some long overdue things, in that I put both the Tomahawk Warrior and the Heroic Knight, both stalwarts of my original pre-individual achievements line up, to their Legendary Status.

Yeah, shame on me it took that long!

For the coming week, I don`t have much game time open either, family business and the likes you see, as it appears `some` holidays are abound, so it`ll just be a case of logging in and claim the daily rewards, maybe left or right a small pocket adventure and such.

Not much to see, not much to do for me at the moment :-)

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