donderdag 11 december 2014

Harley Quinn #12 Lego variant cover

Even though the days I bought tons of comics are long gone by, picking up the odd one left or right and mostly then the bundled paperbacks, the Lego variant covers from past november where mostly on my list.

Now I didn`t collect all 22 (yet, might try and get them all though, if I see how much the Marvel ones from a few years ago now cost), but this one was on my to get list from the word go.

Because Harley is THE comic babe (okay, bar Psylocke) after all.  And I was happily suprised by the comic itself, in which she and Power Girl team up versus some 27th grade villains, only to end up in a far away dimension ruled by a giant pug, and a cheap copy of Thanos from Marvel.

The comic itself is fun in style, and though perhaps a bit heavy on the vocabulary for the very youngest under us with it`s sexual references (especially to Power Girl`s balcony), it made me snigger at times.

Now if Lego would only bring out a minifig of that version of Harley...

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