maandag 8 december 2014

Building Christmas part 2: Elven Toy Shed

Continuing my exploits of past sunday night, here is the second part of the christmas set I build for this year`s holiday season.  

Going alongside the Santa`s Workshop set I posted yesterday, is this smaller 2014 exclusive set, an Elven shack where they build and repair toys.

Opening the box gives us the instruction booklet and two bags of parts, as well as plates and a small bag with the typical Lego tool set in it.

Now, the minifigures in this set, two more little elven helpers for Santa, come with a female version of the little people.  She also carries a paintbrush with a green tip, which comes out handy, because...

... the microscale toys included in this set are apart from a yellow bulldozer and a british guard doll, also a green locomotive.  So we can pose her next to that one and it`ll look as if she is painting the model. 

Add in a few gifts and we are done for the loose parts and can continue on to build to shed.

Beginning with a 6x8 plate, the shed is small, yet not tiny, for the set.

Once the wall is completed, we can build the toolrack with paintpots and all.

This is then mounted on the wall and table we already build before, and add in the window.

The wall top and the lamp are the next on the to build list.

And then we go to the final part, the roof that is connected to the hinge parts, so that we can create the slope of the shed.

The set completed:

And of course a nice little heap of extra parts...

The little set goes perfectly with the workshop as I stated yesterday, and here it is in all it`s glory alongside it`s big brother.

My part for the holiday decorations are now done, bringing some Merry Bricks to the house ;-)

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