maandag 1 december 2014

Ted - movie review

In another hopeless attempt to dwindle down my backlog of movies, series and animes still to watch, me and the GF sat down before the tele last evening and watched Ted.

Now, she wanted to save the movie to watch it with the Smurf, but I kept objecting that this might not be a `good idea`.  Less then 3 minutes in after the innocent opening... she got the point.

The movie is all baout a young boy who didn`t had any friends and received a large teddybear for Christmas.  Due to some magic of the season, the bear actually comes alive, and quickly becomes a celebrity.

Fast forward 25 years, and we find John (Mark Wahlberg) and his pluched friend Ted (voiced by `Family Guy Peter Griffin` Seth Rogren) getting high in their appartment.  John has a girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis, though I still can`t get how she is called sexiest woman in Hollywood...) and steadily the relationship is getting more and more serious after 4 years of dating.

But how serious can this get when you`re living together with a guy that keeps connected to his childhood by the means of a teddybear, and an obsession with Flash Gordon.

Mental note: the GF has to watch the `mighty Flash`, she never even heard of the iconic character of Pulp culture...

So it comes to the point where the bear has to go after he invited a heap of hookers to the appartment... and the bear moves to his own place, and gets a job.

But when John is stuck at a party with Lori`s weaseling boss, he gets the call that Ted is hosting a party and Sam, the guy that played Flash Gordon in the movie, is present!  A wild ride of sex, drugs and rock `n roll ensues, resulting in the break up between Ted and Lori.

They try to mend things slowly, but then ted gets kidnapped by some serious issues having dad and his retarded kid, and the two rush out to save the bear.  He gets ripped apart though and seemingly dies, but Lori wishes for her life back as she sees a falling star, and Ted returns from the `dead`.

It`s not a bad movie, and in the styles of Wayne`s World and the likes is full of inside jokes (the Ryan Reynolds cameo for example, or when Ted says 'I do not sound like Peter Griffin!') which, if you didn`t see those, might easily be missed.  personally, I especially wetted my pants in the fight between Ted`s asian neighbour Wai Ming and Flash `Ming must die` Gordon...

But definitly not suited for an 9 year old, apart from the cursing, I don`t want to explain even half of what they are doing in there hehe...

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