zondag 21 december 2014

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chronicles volume 8

The latest instalment of manga`s detailing the Gold saints of the Lost Canvas, this volume details an adventure of Regulus, the gold Leo saint, and said to be the best fighter ever to serve Athena.

Now, the story is his first mission, and he is very, very young in this tale.  

Barely a kid, he is send to a land of magic, where light and drak face each other, and the land is under the tiranny of Balor, a demon of darkness.  Regulus intervenes when the only surviving regent, a young girl, is under attack and even though they manage to escape, he can`t overcome the dark warrior.

He starts refining his training while working on a way to overcome the demon, but the young incarnation doesn`t have the fighting insight yet that typified him in TLC.  Heck, we are talking a Saint in touch with nature so strong, he defeated Rhadamantys AFTER he died with his spirit!

He does overcome him when he reaches attunement with the elements, and Lum, god of light intervenes with his Lightning Plasma, but all in all this for me has been the weakest of all the volumes so far of the Chronicles.

Hopefully, the next part will be upping the ante again after some of the very strong tales we have had so far in this series!

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