dinsdag 23 december 2014

Building Sykor`s Ice Sled

I`m going through the process at the moment of building at least one copy of all the boxes and polybags I grabbed together during the past year, but never gotten around to actually build.  

You know, strong discounts resulting in 5 Commance Camps of the Lone Ranger range, or half a dozen of the same Friends set... that kind of thing.  And with allthose, came also a lot of polybags, like left overs of the presentation about `serious Lego` I gave, shop at home promos and much more.

This one, from the Chima range and numbered 30266, was one I won at the Brick Mania Antwerp tombola.  I picked that one mainly because like the wolves and the polar bears, the Sabretooth Tiger tribe is drafted into my Mitgardian force, so a free additional minifig trooper is always a bonus.

Opening the bag, we get the small instruction booklet and the parts heap.

Sykor himself is a mean looking warrior, and with a sword and one of those extra transparent Chima oval shields, is ready to join my ranks.

The build itself is pretty straightforward, build around a small base

At the front, to represent the vehicles tribe style, icy fangs are added.  Did you know btw that all the small Chima promos are designed in such a way they resemble the head of one of their tribe?

The hind part is made up of two brown wizard staves (handy) and the icy coloured chainsaw like pieces (also handy).

Adding a steering wheel, and this little thingie is all done.  Nothing fancy, but an extra minifig and some handy parts are always nice for a promotional set.

Oh, and this is what I`ve been on the one hand been putting together this afternoon, and for the multiple copies have been parted out and put in the `to sort` boxes...

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