maandag 15 december 2014

Building the Big Bad Wolf

The latest of the series of Chima Legend Beasts I`ll be taking you along in the building process, is for the moment also the final one, as I don`t have the Eagle or the Gorilla.

Another one I took benefit of the Kruidvat promotion a while ago, I obtained two of these, one that has been featured at a recent MOC about Mitgardian children these days...

The Wolf Beast, set 70127, won`t be stickered though, as it will be parted out into my collection, but opening the box we get the sticker sheet, and two polybags of parts.

The minifigure included, Worriz, will see a career in my Mitgardian army, but I think he is one of the Chima figures with the best printed torso art.  Wielding a shield and a mean looking barbed energy sword, this is a pretty figure.

We start the build by laying the foundations of the belly, around which the whole model will be made up.

The short tail is then added to the hindquarters.

Next up are the hind legs to be put together, and attached to the main bodywork.

The shorter front legs are then up, and once attached the wolf can be posed in a pouncing position, like a true canine leaning back and growling at intruders.

The paws are then put together, and connected to the legs.

The final part of the build is the head, and a section I really like how it is done.  It all is connected around the lower jaw.

The printed eye piece and the ears are then put on the base, resulting in the fierce looking face of the beast.

The model stands completed, and has a menacing feel to it, I really like this set not only for the minifig and the parts, but it`s overal way it turned out as well.

Of course, we also get some small extra parts:

All in all, I rate this model the highest of the Legend Beasts I`ve been putting together lately.  It feels in my opinion the most organic so far, and it just goes along well with it`s posing possibilities, a good haul for the 5.66 euros I payed for it.

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