zondag 28 december 2014

Lord of the Rings in Concert

Yesterday night, the GF and I went out to watch this unique, and one performance only, spectacle: the Lord of the Rings in Concert.

The first edition of a yearly trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, was being screened while being supported by choirs and an orchestra.

This basically came down to it that the whole Howard Shore score of music and singing (like the elven lament in Lothlorien) was taken over by the performers, consisting off:

The National Orchestra of Belgium
The child choir of the Flemish Opera
The Fine Fleur choir from Night of the Proms

Though we had to leave right before Boromir would fall, due to snow and issues with public transportation and such, this was one might spectacle, and I think we will be back next year for The Two Towers ;-)

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