maandag 22 december 2014

Building the Chima Polar Bears

Today I walked into my local Bart Smit toystore armed with a 5 euro coupon.  This was a gift voucher, granted to through saving points on purchases, for my local store only due to the accessibility problems with major street works the past half year.

Now, the coupon was valid until the 31st of december, so I went in with the plan of getting an 8 euro baseplate.  But unfortunatly, they where out of those, so I looked around for something else... and saw the new tribal packs for the Chima range where already available.

Now, since this is one of the major units I`m going to build for my Mitgardian force, I have 8 of those small sets on my `want` list for 2015, and so I picked up my first one.

The tribal sets come at the about 10 euros price range, like the Legend Beasts the year before, so I expect them to appear rather soon in discounts and bargains for a few euros less, but today like I said, I have the coupon... and a special Christmas discount action amounting in the box costing me a very heavy 3 and a bit euros!  Not bad for a new release.

Opening the bag, we get two bags of parts, the booklet, and 2 of the new polar bear banners. 

Of course, the mainstay of the set are the 3 minifigures that come in the tribals, in this case one with armour and a big hammer, a sword and shield guy, and one armed with a bazooka like thing using the new stud shooter.  After the build, he got the banner to carry for my regiment as I dismantled the set again ;-)  But I just love those figures, they are excellently detailed and the polar bear helmet heads are great.

The first build we get in the box is the banner pole.  Nothing to fancy, though it comes with the brown `sword handle` and a nice system of hanging up the banner using hammers.

Secondly, we get a discus thrower.

This uses a part I didn`t know from before, that holds the round tile and can launch it away by pushing the pin at the back.

The discusses are also printed, not decalled (I like the way Lego is going more on the printed route again).

The final builds are two simple rock formations.

Now for a fantasy builder with a setting in the icy norths, this set is a very nice part and minifig source, with a lot of greys and transparant blue elements.

The full set completed

And it`s additional parts

I really like it, and definitly will be grabbing those other 7 needed to build my regiment of 24 might Polar Bear warriors!

Oh, and to top it off, there is also an action running at the moment at BS that if you buy any kind of Chima product, you get one of those promotional DVDs with two episodes of the series to boot...  Should be a nice watch for an inbetween moment.

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