zaterdag 6 december 2014

The Plan episode 42

Here we are for another weekly adventures of my adventures in Minifigures Land.  The bar had been set at 25.000 this week... and I failed in getting that by 250 points.

I got sidetracked you see, as they released a new update the past thursday, and the first seasonal event in the game is a fact now, Winter Land, where Santa visits the brave adventurers.

Now the cool thing is, this new update has a temporary instance, in which you have to fight the Crunch and you can collect parts for the Holiday Elf from Series 11 (I already had the legs and head through the part exchange system in the game) and the new Santa minifigure.  And I already got both of them now hehe...

And the whole event comes with 325 additional achievement points to be obtained.

Another new instalment for achievement points is that the Series 13 figures have already been added, expected to be released during january 2015, and raising the achievement points bar with another 10.000 points (16 figures at 625 points each).

Further additions to the game are some new preview figures, the Evil knight and the Pirate Captain, but no idea how to obtain those, and a new and handier sorting system for the figures.  Whom you now can all level further and as such unlock the `7th upgrade` for each.  But mastery still isn`t possible as the final slot and skill upgrade is still under construction.

There is also a new start page now, with Daily Rewards (not sure if this is only during the holiday or permanent) for just logging in, and promotional actions for spending your diamonds on :-)

But bar Santa and the Holiday Elf, I also managed to obtain the Grandma minifigure past week through the Elderly Pack deal.

Now I have been mostly doing Lost Creations and the Santa event in my game time, AND managed to get the randomly spawned Chicken Suit Guy level, completing his event chain in the Global Achievements tab as well.  This week, I`m hoping to complete all the winter event challenges, though the `get on the first hill within 18 seconds` isn`t simple to get.. at all... as I have no clue exactly from where to where that first hill actually runs.

Well, I`m off for this week, time to continue running on that hill...

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