zaterdag 27 december 2014

The Plan episode 45

The final episode of The Plan for 2014, as New Year`s Eve is upon us, and I managed to do in some additions in my everlasting urge to master the game completely.

Which will still take some effort, as we haven`t hit the halfway mark just yet.

In the efforts to build up all the minifigures to their current maximum possible upgrades level, the first one of the figures has been completed, the Alien Avenger.  Not that this is for a specific reason, he just happens to be the first minifigure in the alphabetical list, and at a requirement of almost 20k+ stars to get a model from 0 to maximum, this requires `some` grinding.

I fear this is something going to be needed on my complete arsenal of available miniatures, because solo`ing the Lost Creations from levels 6 to 10 isn`t simple without a lot of healing potions, and if your figures aren`t to their maximum it seems rather impossible to even try the 11 to 15 levels.  I think I`m going to really have to get in there and team up with others if I ever want to master it for each and every model.

So my grinds are currently long run ones, as I try to get all the achievements of 10.000 kills, 5000 smashes and 1000 builds for respectively Strikers, Defenders and Builders, not the simplest of jobs to do in the game as it takes around a week for me to get a figure to that point.  Luckily, this usually means a figure pops due to that to Legend status and it is worth the effort in Achievement points.

This week, that resulted in the Forest Maiden, Bumblebee Girl, Heroic Knight and Barbarian achieving this status.

I also welcomed a new figure to the ranks, as the exchange for models with the Smurf left me with the Piggy Guy from the complete put aside set added, meaning I only need to use 3 more codes from Series 12 to unlock them all (Swashbuckler, Lifeguard and Prospector), but we have time with Series 13 almost upon us now.

For the coming week, I`m going to be rather immobilised due to the knee operation which has been moved back a week, it should have had taken place normally last week, so in between the holiday visits, it should be possible to put in a game or two ;-) so I aim to get at least two or three minifigures up to Legend status as well.  Considering it will be the last week for the extra stars due to the winter event, I will be staying clear from LC, to try and maximise the grinded points though...

Until next week, and have a happy New Year and best of wishes!

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