maandag 1 december 2014

Guilds of Historica Collectible Minifigure Series MOC

The Guilds of Historica are blowing out their third candle, and to celebrate it they are currently running a contest over on Eurobricks.

Every member of a guild can present his own take on a full series of Collectible Minifigures (16 models), based on the life an do-alls in the lands of Mitgardia, Kaliphlin, Avalonia and Nocturnus.

And so of course I wanted to join, and here are my 16 entries, so start saving and feeling those virtual polybags ;-)

I know I`m walking a thin line here with the base, but the regulations stated you needed to have them on the plain black bases (or none at all) the CMF`s come with, and that is what I did.  Since I`ll be chanceless anyways if you see some of the entries already up, and the camera who dies on me a little more every day, I thought `what the heck` anyways.



Nothing beats a fresh portion of fish every day

Royal Courier

Swifter then by coach, but you will have to pay extra for heavy parcels

Bar Lady

Another one?

Sanguine Elf

Defend the Skywell!


The Old School Knight

Who doesn`t want to collect their sigfig?

The Outdoor Cook

In the rough lands of Mitgardia, every berry is a treasure

The Regimental Archer

Man the walls and give them hell

The Beardling

Not every dwarf warrior sports a 10 foot beard


The Bouncer

Because in a bar full of monstrs, you need stronger arguments

The Queen of Spies

Dark and mysterious, she will know what you want to say before you do

The Sightless

These mysterious golem warriors guard the inner sanctums where secrets are kept

Beauty Pageant

*no comment*


The Shogun

Royal guards protecting the temples of the eastern regions

The Cartographer

At the fourth dune, go left at the twelfth million grain of sand

The Rice Field Worker

Feeding the east for decades!

The Advisor

Advises royalty on all the paths best taken, even if it aren`t the best paths taken.

So those are them, 16 minifigures for the avid collector to get.  Every polybag comes with an in-game... oh wait, I got carried away here for a bit.

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