zaterdag 13 december 2014

Building Razcal`s Glider

One of the smaller and older Chima sets, 70000, is Razcal`s Glider, a black raven like airplane, piloted by one of the `evil` factions raven characters.

I picked it up for a few euros at Kruidvat, and mostly for the minifig and the pieces, so here we go for the one time build of this set.

Strangly enough, opening the box it comes with no less then two instruction booklets, pretty odd for such a small set (of non x in 1 Creators), and two polybags.

The minifig itself comes with a strange `electro weapon, which as we will see later on will be connected to the plane in seperate pieces.

One of the attractive things of this set is that it has the dark red pieces, and we start by laying down the foundation of the cockpit first.

This is then expanded with the beak and the connection pieces for the wings and the tail section.

These are actually printed pieces

Turning the current build upside down, we start making the missile, which will get a chain to work as a sort of anchor.

The landing gear, in the form of bird claws, is then added to the underside.

The anchoring contraption.  If you push that red missile at the front backwards, this shoots out and dangles on the chain for reasons unknown to me (I still have to start watching all those years of cartoons, they are somewhere in my immense backlog).

Looking from the top, the wing pieces are now added to the bodywork.

The tail end.  Here you can see the `body` of his weapon to the side, and the claws of the gun added to the back as extra feathers.

The completed build.  I can`t say it is the best looking set of the Chima series, but it has a nice parts selection and it is in most retail stores in the `dumping bin` section these days, mine knocked me back an `impressive` 4.66 euros with all sorts of discounts running.

The additional pieces from the box:

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