vrijdag 12 december 2014

The Plan episode 43

Well, a day earlier then usual this week, I`ll be sharing my adventures in Minifigures Online.  The reason for this is two-fold.  On the one hand, I finished one of the set goals yesterday afternoon and on the other hand, I`ll be off to watch the Hobbit today so I`ll be all Misty Mountains Cold for the next days ;-)

And it has been a rather busy week of popping goals in the game, even though all in all I didn`t put in THAT many hours, but been plucking the fruits of the past weeks.

I managed to get all the figures I collected so far to at least 10 achievements completed, by getting them all their `level one` strike / smash / build achievements, being respectively 1000 monsters, 500 smashes or 100 builds a piece.  Now the long road lies before me to get them to their next goal, being either 10.000 stricken monsters, 5000 smashed objects or 1000 builds.  The last one takes ages, but it helps if you have a good book nearby, just stand next to a buildable object and click it every so often while reading a book behind the PC... 

That is however going to be the last set of achievement goals for the minifigures I will be tackling, after the holidays.  The current seasonal event grants extra stars for upgrading your figures, so I`m trying to get the boost as often as I can, and go for smashes and strikes while doing that.

Talking Winter Veil, I managed to complete the full list of achievements for the event, with thanks to the Genie Girl.  In her `lamp mode`, she easily ran up the slopes for the 18 seconds achievement.

I also managed in doing so to get the `bricks` you can use to make your figures better to the maximum current level, 8, for the 2x3 brick.  The 2x4 only drops in Mythology World and above rather regularly, so those will be taking quit a while still before they are at the maximum.

New Figures

I scored a few additions to my collection this week, the first being the Paintball Player whose final part at last dropped after farming a dinosaur world boss for an hour or two last weekend.

The other one is from a seasonal gift.  During the event, past wednesday, we all got a series 13 minifigure bag as daily reward and mine came with the Fencer.  Handy, as this wasn`t one of the figures I planned to add to my collection from the box, but putting straight to exchange anyways to further build my army.

Legendary Status

Upon reaching the 11 achievements completed (but it seems at least level 1 of the Lost Creations and either their 7th upgrade OR `level 2` strike / smash / build has to be included in those in order for it to pop), you get a shiny green glow around the figures.  I managed to obtain this for a couple minifigures this week, namely the Waiter, Wizard, Medusa, Mr Good & Evil, Paintball Player and Warrior Woman.

The coming week I`m going to be aiming to add a few to this list, by grinding mainly the small pocket adventures for parts to hopefully convert into the one minifigure I still can obtain through this system: the legs part of the Series 11 Gingerbread Man.  Knowing I got the remaining 4 series 12`s put aside anyways until I can `trade` them with the kid for his doubles, and that Mr Gold is rather unobtainable, that would mean I have EVERY non promotional or beta test related figure you can get in the game so far, excluding series 13.  But once that box hits, I`ll have a full set of the figures aside as well anyways...

For the rest, the modest goal will be to obtain all the remaining stars to level up all the collected figures to their current maximum level without buying their upgrades for now...

So see you all next weekend again, for more dabblings with virtual bricks!

PS; to get an idea for the Mr Gold rarity, here is something the WoW players could fathom: every part has a drop rate equal to the Baron Rivendare`s horse.  The parts drop in 4 different dungeons atm, but those instances have a reset ratio of once every 8 hours compared to 5 times / hour for the Mount.  And you need 3 different parts for being able to build the figure!

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