woensdag 10 december 2014

My thought on the first half of the Flash

Well, this COULD have been the series finale, but The CW has lengthened the contract, so it changed to the mid season finale.

But first, let me make a statement: Harrison Wells IS Barry Allen, from the future.

Why?  It is hinted at the midseason finale yesterday he might be Dr Zoom or the Reverse-Flash, as he keeps the yellow costume is in his possession.  But we know from the comics that the yellow Flash is actually Eddy Thawne, and that is why he spared his life. 

Second thing: Cisko said there where two flashes, a red and a yellow one, at the night of the murder of Barry`s mon.  This would mean the actual Flash was there as well, so this might be Barry (from the future) battling Zoom.  And dr Wells had just moved in town back then.

Thirdly: in the episode Barry temporarily loses his powers, Wells goes far to restore them, even using other captured meta humans including killing one, and using the other.

So had the series ended here, we all would have been on the wrong foot.

But it will be back at the end of january, and I`m glad for it.  It is actually quit a good super hero show, not dark and grim like Arrow, to which it is connected and we even got a crossover episode last week, but a more cheery, hero fights villain of the week while connected to a main storyline sort of show.

It doesn`t loose to much episode time on origin stories and unneccesary side tales, even though there is Barry and the love triangle with Iris and Eddy.  There is his companions, Caitlin Snow (who in the comics will become the villainess Killer Frost and who has just discovered her fiancee Ronny is still alive, being the meta-human Firestorm) and Cisco Ramon (in the comics, he will become the hero Vibe) so there are arcs to be explored here still.  Cat turning villain to help Ronny?  Cisco stepping up?  A lot of possibilities are out there.

But perhaps THE coolest side role is for Barry`s dad, emprisoned and framed for the murder of his mother.  He played the actual The Flash in the original, not so great Flash series from the 90s...

So what have we learned so far?  Some minor DC villains are now in the land of `muerte`, while two mainstream villains of The Flash, Captain Cold and Dr Zoom, are still out there.  We learned that Arrow, lacking powers, and Flash, lacking experience, are currently evenly matched in power.

And we haven`t gotten a hint yet of that other regular ally of The Flash, the Green Lantern.  However, there ARE talks of a new movie, and maybe, just maybe, this series together with Arrow might be leading up to it as Agents of SHIELD is doing the job of tying the Marvel Universe together currently.

Time will tell!

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