dinsdag 2 december 2014

Series 13 Distribution ratios

Whitefang did his great review again over on Eurobricks, and posted the ratio of rarity of the upcoming series.

And I must say I`m a happy camper for the ratio this time!

The one figure which is on my top to get en masse, the Goblin, is in there 5 times, so putting aside one for the Smurf, that`s already a guaranteed 4 copies.

Same for the Egyptian Warrior, which will netto yield me 3 out of 4s.

Take out a copy of the Evil Wizard and the King for myself as well, and I`ll be having a nice heap of figures to be collected.  The female Cyclopses, Samurai and a Unicorn girl, as well as a Snake Charmer, and this will mean I`ll be pulling the following out from the box;

1 Full series of 16 for the Kid

4 Goblins
3 Egyptian Warriors
2 Female Cyclops
2 Female Samurai
1 King
1 Evil Wizard
1 Unicorn Girl

So all in all, out of the 60 minifigures, 32 will be distributed amongst the both of us immediatly, and the other 28 will be going in the pool for my army building efforts :-)

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