vrijdag 19 december 2014

Work-In-Progress: Lake-Town part 3

Another small step has been taken in the building of the diplay moc for the Lake-Town sets, and slowly but steadily the first of these projects for the future is going along.

The necessary blue plates arrived thanks to BL, and now the base plate has been closed up and is fully bricked, adding a lot to the solidness of things.

The beach section, where Bard`s ship was moored, has also been drawn out and waiting to be build upon, but the first step now is to safely transport the two build sets from my GFs place to my place, and measure out exactly where I`ll be placing them.

Afterwards, I can go and see where to put one or two of the ruins they sail by when being smuggled into Esgaroth, and add ice and water to the plate.

And then the `real` work can begin of building up all the scenery around the sets, I estimate I`ll be able to complete this first try out of building display mocs around february / march, so after that I can go for something perhaps more vertically challenging, currently being drawn mostly to Dol Guldur as the next `to be combined` set series...

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