woensdag 17 december 2014

MELO Round 1: Into the West

And here we go, my very first steps into the Middle Earth Lego Olympics .  Thanks to the organisers for tossing me an invitation, and off we go to hopefully make it through the qualifier round.

For the first round, the theme was `Music of Middle Earth`, and I selected to go for Into the West, the final ending of the whole trilogy as the ships carrying Bildo, Frodo and Gandalf set out from the Gery Havens and sail to the mystic elven lands.

For this build, I tried some totally new things for myself: micro scale building, and SNOT, both things I have read a lot about, but never have put into practice before.

I tried to make the towers of the havens in microscale, as I did with the ship (yes, I just had the urge to at least include the One Ring somewhere in the build) and for the SNOT part I took a baseplate, and turned it 90 degrees, so the whole build is actually build so that you are looking top down on it.

And this is the particular scene of Return of the King I pulled my inspiration from:

Now to keep my fingers crossed and see if I can survive the qualifier round in what is so going to prove a very eye candy like contest!

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