maandag 1 augustus 2016

Inspirational Lego # 81

Another monday, and that means it`s time for another selection of great builds I came along on the internet.

Kicking off this week is a fantastic mosaic of one of the 80s greats, the Thundercats.

Because we 80s kids have been really lucky with such an awesome plethora of saturday morning cartoons!

Next up we have this medieval tower, where a merchant is "being fed to the pigs".

This small gunship has truly great lines and a striking colourscheme.

A small research outpost is observing the fauna and flora on an alien planet.

The Birth of Wyldstyle is a great variation on the classic Birth of Venus artwork.

Making use of connectors, this ant is truly lifelike made.

A fearsome looking mech, this mobile suit is armed to the teeth with apart from his main armament also stacks of secondary weapons on the shoulders.

Simple yet well exectuted is this Mimic from the Dungeons and Dragons lore.

A small circus fair children`s carrousel would look excellent amongst the new fairground sets that came out this summer in the Friends range.

And we end this week with a fantastic microbuild of a floating tower.

So there we are again, I hope you liked my pickings for this week.  Next week, it`ll be a few days later as I`ll be in Elzas until tuesday, so it will be shared with the world on wednesday in all probability.


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