vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Battlestar Galactica

Okay, so this is perhaps the prime example of how a rebooted series can be better then the original, even with the (gorgeous) female Starbuck...

And I just wanted to have a Battlestar in my Lego collection, which is something they don`t produce at all.

I think it all started with an old HispaBrick (the great free download Lego fan magazine), issue 14 I think, where a plethora of Battlestars past the gallery.  I went to look for instructions to build one myself, when someone send me an LDD file with the plans to do so.  Some modifications where done in the about 3000 piece old beast, and then the stacking of plate upon wedge upon plate could begin.

A build done over three days during the heatwave that struck Belgium later, the Galactica was ready to stand on my shelf, all nearly 5 kilo`s of it.

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